Men rock Safety razors

The Men rock safety razors starter kit review, by Edward.

After seeing Men rock from a far, we decided to get into contact with them. Also knowing that they sold safety razor we, after a chat with management have been asked to write a review. So here it goes. Firstly the razor looks great. The use of knurling in the design is modern and powerful, it also provides the shaver a firm grip. This stainless steel razor is on the closer side of gentle to middle aggressive, which makes it a great every day razor. Two passes were very easy, I feel that with the men rock razor you can really take control of the shave without fear of cuts. But still getting the necessary closeness needed for efficiency. The blades provided are the Men rock home brand, which were firm and sharp. Close to something like Muhle blades.

Shaving brush

Ten points for realistic looking faux badger hair, I had to check and double take. The handle is plastic and relatively light, but my favourite feature was that it was a great exfoliate. It really pummelled my pours. Also it provided a more than adequate way to whip up lather.

Pomegranate shaving cream

This smells great, and is more of a professional level cream which a barber may use. Using a hot wet brush, I activated it in a bowl and then some more on my face. Then I coated it on as if it were emulsion paint, it was really that thick and firm.

This was truly a satisfying shaving cream to use, throughout the day I got the odd scent of pomegranate and my skin feels great.

Men rock safety razors starter kit review

All and all I am happy with the what you get for the price, which is far more than £45 worth. Still I am really buzzing over the high quality cream, Excellent.

For more information on razor Rock why not click the link for the rest of they’re range.

Men rock safety razors starter kit review, by Edward’s.

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