Safety razor

International Traditional shaving

By Edward

Undoubtedly Sheffield were the biggest razor makers at the beginning of the 20th century.

There were a great deal of brands from the region, Like J. Knowles, Joseph Rodgers, and Joseph Allen. These were some of the big names at the time. The 1920’s were there golden age of shaving, which became a daily routine after the first world war. Due to the use of a gas mask’s.

Each of the say 50 Sheffield razor companies did not cut the blade blanks themselves. They would have commissioned larger companies like the three above to make there designs and sometimes rebrand.

Which is what English companies in all field’s now do with Chinese manufacturers, not Just in traditional shaving. In the 1940’s there was not just a war in the streets, beaches and field’s.

International Traditional shaving

But also one in the razor workshops between England and Germany.We could not compete with the low price of competition of straight razor sales from the Solingen companies and comissioned them to make our razor’s, who in turn it is thought they were outsourcing to Asian Industry even then.

There are British traditional shaving companies which have sold there brand name of relative recence, for example the the Double edged blade company Wilkinson sword has been bought by an Egyptian company, and all of the old machinery has been shipped to Cairo. A long with Lord, Big ben and Crown.

The super giants Gillette also buy up smaller obscure shaving companies like Vodsok the Russian brand in order to maintain the Image of a smaller company In order to sell razor as some prefer to not buy from conglomerates. Tescos supermarket also do this they buy small twee business and don’t advertise there presence. For example Giraffe is owned by them.