Hawkins and Brimble were founded in 2016 and have a had a relatively successful punt. There cosmetic products are free of Parabens and Sls foaming agents, there are no colourants or Alcohol and aren’t animal tested. ¬†They do contain natural oils like argon and almond cocoa seed butter and an array of vitamins attributed from this. It smells excellent it has a kind of bubblegum scent which comes from the Elemi and Ginseng which are it’s flavour components. Elemi is a Philippine tree sap that is lemon scented on research it was probably chosen because it naturally heals skin. Ginseng is a root it looks like a parsnip when dug up this is an earthly scent. It has been used in energy drinks in recent years it is also a great antitoxin unless you have too much apparently.

The application due to no sls gave little lather to start. I had a hot wet brush and i circulated it in the tin but the magic happened when i rapidly circulated it on my face. there was a say 1.5 mm layer on my face but what was there really held. unlike other shave creams the lather was not abundant but it was ample for a really great shave.

There was a little razor burn on my throat nonetheless it was defeated with a bit of moisturizer.

My face feels great and glowing with health from the oils. This is good stuff at £12 a tin.


I give Hawkins and Brimble shaving cream 7/10 for effort