In the beginning there was nothing. Then we came along at the same time as other mammals. We were a pretty hairy bunch and some people still are, myself being one of them. In the olden days according to pictures drawn or carved. people had beards bar most women, prior to the invention of the safety razor. This is natures way of staying warm, also perhaps making some protection from teeth and claws. Since the opposable thumb, hair has not aided the fighting process really though. For it can be grabbed and yanked by an assailant or be caught in a 18th century wool mill. Most men shave there faces, some men shave there bodies too and I am one of those men.

Women prefer hairless muscular bodies judged by my research. However for years women stated once i revealed my chest carpet, that they liked my dog like complexion. I take there reaction down to two things. Firstly politeness they don’t want to be rude about my physical state. Secondly I think that they were acceptant of my physical state. Imagine if it were the other way round and you realized that the girl you had been flirting with and beating off rivals for. Had inch thick hair all over her breast, it happens. Also some men say when noted as being primates something like. ” Well i am a mans man, with lots of testosterome.” Women don’t see hair as particularly manly, on conversing with some women they say less hair is best.

Beards may be different, but as lot of girls that are keen for their guy to have the look. They might not want to have a kiss and cuddle with it. Also hair is porous that’s right it soaks up oil and dirt and all sorts of other stuff. If you have a body odor issue you should definitely consider shaving of your body hair. Also remember that hair gets greasy. It is my recommendation if you are a hairy guy and for certain reasons don’t want to shave there chest arms or legs. Use shampoo on your hair, women are repulsed by your greasy chest hair but nobody told you.

I shave my legs and arms after looking at a photo of these blocks of darkness that contrasted my very being. Also hitting my 30s has made me maximise my pulling potential. I do squats and I wear shorts so I shave my legs. Not wet shave no but use clippers. There I said it I embrace the fact that I have the balls to look good on the beach.

Hair by Edward’s shaving.