Feather double edged traditional shaving razor blades review.

By Edwards traditional shaving.

Feather are perhaps the most sought after traditional shaving blades on the market. They strike fear and excitement Into the hearts of Safety razor users everywhere. For there fierce reputation as the sharpest DE blades going.

I used one about 20 minutes ago, my face still slightly warmed from Alum.  I will first discuss why an ultra sharp blade Is a good Idea.

Traditional shaving Is single bladed, and now It needs to keep up with the 5 bladed razors on the market. Shaving technology has simply evolved by there being more blades on razors, making a quicker acceptable shave.

If the super brands of shaving like Gillette, had just one blade on there razors. They would be Inferior due to the fact they would not effectively shave off your beard, due to them being slightly dull. Now It is the fact that there are multiple which makes them plow through growth.

What single blades have over multi blades are that they are very sharp and with skill can provide you with a closer shave. There are trouble areas of the neck though like the Adams apple, which can leave stubble. A multi blade comes in handy here, as there are some tricky angles and a flat cartridge tends to wallop all hairs.

But on using Feather, being a very sharp blade that has a great deal of rigidity. It seems to have comprehensively shaved all of my growth with 2 passes. Which Is the norm that I would shave with any razor Including a cartridge.

I used a Fatip gentila a non aggressive razor, not to different from a Feather safety razor. A combination of a precision traditional shaving razor, and a ultra sharp double edged traditional shaving blade Is a winning formula.

I feel very safe with Feather, as they are so rigid,I also feel I have conquered the difficult areas aforementioned. Due to the absolute sharpness of these exceptional Japanese blades.

And so they should be, as they are from Seiko. A region of Japan famed for It’s ancient Samurai sword making.

I had some minor cuts possibly teething problems with a new razor brand, but I feel very excited about the result. Visually It’s a great shave and my skin feels awesome.

Hear more from Edwards traditional shaving very soon.

Feather ASD2 safety razor