Safety razor

I have been looking forward to trying the Gentila, due to personally only shaving with mid aggressive razor models.  For example. Edwin Jagger, Muhle and most Merkurs. The Fatip is certainly non aggressive hense it’s name.

Now It’s not that i don’t have man level facial hair no, but I do have a rather long Gregory Peck, which is as hairy as my face. This often creates shaving nicks around my my throat and Adams apple, If i use a more aggressive end scale razor.

Fatip Gentila safety razor review

Funnily, I digress. Not if i was to use a straight razor, due to the extra long surface area the cut throat is a particularly easy razor style to shave with. The shavette is a different story though. which is what you will receive at a barber’s if you ask for a wet shave these day’s. The flimsiness of the blade often creates problems for the beginner barber.

Back to the Gentila.

Firstly the aesthetic is great I like the traditional lines on the shaft and the gold plated stainless steel, makes the Gentile look as though it is a prop from the set of, The Godfather.

By loading the blade I realised how well built the Fatip was, the screw mechanism feels sturdy and the blade sits in the two piece head without miss alignment.

It is pretty short at 80mm and light at 66g. Some people prefer this for control, with the lines, I found I had to continually rinse the shaft to sustain a decent grip. Being the Gentila’s only flaw.

The shave was close enough with just one pass for an acceptable shave and of course I have no Irritation or cuts afterwards.

This Italian made razor is a steal at £32.00 It was great to use and looks amazing.