Edwards traditional shaving emporium the business, has been running since 2012. Starting as a Stall we had a great response in Spitalfields market. we traded on friday’s and Saturday’s, and loved being a part of the international community. Deep in the heart of London’s East. Selling traditional English brands like Kent shaving brushes and Taylors of bond street and some more recent brands like the Scottish gentlemans groom room. Also an array of German and French brands like Muhle, Dovo, and Osma.

People enjoyed the experience of the stall, some spoke to me about there fathers or grandfathers using certain products. I sold a great deal of safety razors and sold double edged blades along side them. Also at the time there was a resurgence of the use of the straight razor. Some people would stay clear of the terrifyingly named cut throat but others were attracted by the danger and criminal connotations. Also a real man enjoys a definite process and there is nothing more definite than honing a piece of steel that you are to shave with. I would sell strops, pastes and honing blocks. Also more importantly I would teach method of use and the correct way to hone and strop. Traditional shaving is a wonderful ritual that Edwards promotes. To us it represents an era of dignity and self respect.

One of my favoured parts of the business was offering a service of restoration for antique straight razors see some examples of my work on our facebook page.

Kind regards Edward