Edward’s shaving shop

A shaving shop should be well stocked, for this to be possible we have a great team of distributors. Before that we have excellent manufacturers. Quality control is very important to everyone in the chain. Edward’s it seems has some loyal repeat customers. Those of which are well looked after often with an extra item as a thankyou for their custom. We also push to get products to our customers by the next day. There are only certain circumtances, where Edwards shaving shop won’t deliver next day.

Where are we going as a shaving brand.

We have a strong social media presence with 7500 followers on Instagram. We have a lot of Interest in our brand from Insta, alot of people want free stuff but that’s okay. Also people are interested in stocking our goods for barbershops and gents boutiques. People usually stock up for christmas time, as high end shaving goods are the ideal gift for the man who has everything. We are keen to bring out more of a cosmetic range to join our epic shaving soap, which is a quirky favourite of the elite.

Do we want our own barbers.

No but yes, but maybe. Probably yes, that would be a great thing. But at the same time, we supply barber shops with our goods. For them in turn to sell to the likes of you lot. We do enjoy being concessions within shops. Providing our products are sold respectfully and from a decent venue. We are growing aware of an Increase of fake high quality shaving goods that have hit our shores. Coming from countries that have no copyright laws. The illegality is when they are bought wholesale and then sold from a platform. Lawsuits are in progress as we speak. Luckily Edward’s shaving shop has little problem to date of this. So watch out for inferior kit.