Shaving soap

We are so very proud of Edwards Smoke shaving soap review, our new product. Which we have toiled over for so long It seems. The scents and the constituency were two Important factors. We decided on lemon and Juniper as we wanted a London familiar flavor. And the Victorian cockney loved they’re Gin. The traditional shaving soap also contains sea salt as to represent the Thames estuary. Sea salt heals damaged skin and drys out bacteria. The body of this natural soap Is clay and charcoal, whilst the clay acts as a natural lather. Also charcoal Is an antitoxin which cleanses the skin.

We kept the branding close to the Edwards Smoke traditional shaving soap story, as the tin sports a fierce lonely eel. Edwards favorite native cockney delicacy, the text on the back Is In cockney slang for the shaver to decipher.

The Edwards Smoke traditional shaving soap review

Starting off a scent of lemon and Juniper rushes up your nose on opening the tin, the name Edwards Is stamped on the soap. Being a bar there Is a lot of shaving soap area for your traditional shaving brush. Also with a hot wet shaving brush, It has generated a lot of lather that seems to have erupted. Often soaps are thin on lather but still giving adequate, the Smoke really packs a punch. I left the soap on my face for a minute to check grip, again It seems to have good hold. The first pass with my safety razor was a breeze. I lathered again for the second It felt great to paint my face with the traditional shaving brush the shaving soap seemed to slap on like emulsion. This pass against the grain also went well, the conclusion was a well shaven face.

The soap has a warmth to I, and there Is a certain consistency to which that perfectly takes of hair. Also I was relatively harsh with my razor and my face feels great. I did use a shaving oil also but nonetheless my no cuts and It has really taken care of those trouble spots like under my chin.

8/10 for our most splendid of traditional shaving soaps.

Edwards Smoke traditional shaving soap review by Ed.