Edwards traditional shaving at the Polo.

By Edward

I bowled down to Cowdery park polo final last sunday with an array of traditional shaving delights. Like Mitchell’s wool fat soap and our high end safety razor’s like the Feather AS-D2s and the Ikon B1 standard. I decided to chose a higher end razor for the higher end clientele. I drove into the grounds fashionably late like the shaving don I am and set up my table it was full of our best set’s Like the Muhle stylo Thuja wood at £250. Edwards has stocked Muhle since the early days and I have always had a good public response to there brand. Newer brand’s to the Edwards traditional shaving experience are Fatip the Italian made safety razor company which I have a personal liking for. Due to there gentila range which are a less aggressive razor.

Sadly the weather was on our side despite the polo being a rather exciting game to watch. The shopping experience was slightly dampened as women in beautiful hats and dressed sheltered under beer tents. Whist there husbands stood in drenched tweed.

Nonetheless we advertised well and have found some loyal online customers due to our Aristocratic exposure.