Safety razor blades

My first Lord Double edged blade Edwards traditional shaving

By Edward

This Egyptian based blade company are not expensive. They first formed in the nineteen thirties primarily as a blade firm. Due to the use of the gas masks for protection against chemical warfare at the time, double edged blade sales boomed as a clean shaven face was better for the seal. In the nineteen seventies, Lord blades joined Wilkinson sword who regulated the Egyptian company and modernised the work ethics. Wilkinson sword is no more,whereas lord still operates on there old machinery.

I decided on the green packs being the super teflon coated. Firstly on opening the blade packet,which was cardboard. My wet fingers mangled it,making the chewing gum like inner paper packs fall out. Not a great start and what would have been far worse would be if i had mistook the razors for yes chewing gum. I loaded the blade somewhat with ease, traditional shaving oiled my face and neck and then bull frogged my throat. I shaved rapidly and gained confidence as I lathered my neck for a second pass.

Lord safety blade review

Choosing my Fatip Gentila a safer razor also improved my confidence to the point where on my face i was using advanced shaving techniques like the blade buff. These are strong blades, they are middle weight in but they seem to have a reliable sturdiness. I have no razor burn and no cuts and Im keen to see how many shaves i get out of one blade.

Well done Lord traditional shaving blades I give you 7/10