Which DE safety razor blades should I buy.

A good question and fairplay to myself for asking it. The more expensive Safety razor blades on the market are Feather, but does it mean they are the best? Certainly the two above are high quality in terms of material. This will lessen any oxidation build up inside a dormant razor which is a positive. Also these two razors are certainly firm, however a firm razor blade is less forgiving than a flimsier blade. Feather are the sharpest of DE blades I would confirm, Muhle are also very sharp. The combination is a great shave although I would not recommend either to beginners. I use Muhle and Feather and I am obviously pro Muhle as they are the most sold goods on the site. But the less expensive blades like Crown, Big Ben or 7 oclock create a safer shave. I think this is down to the added flexibilty in the blade, my theory follows. We always advise wet shavers using a safety razor to apply the razor onto loose skin. This creates a bit of slack that stops the blade getting purchase to cut skin. I shave like this everyday and fully back this technique. Today I used a 7 oclock blade for the first time shock horror. The Industry of a lot of blades like Crown or 7 oclock is based in the middle East. The English machinery has been bought and transported to such countries as Egypt and Dubai for your information. 7 oclock is a Gillette product and made in Russia. I am not sure if this St Petersberg company has bought the franchise. I would suggest not due to the psychopathic business model that is Gillette.

7 oclock DE blades

My 7 oclock shave was spot on, it was such an efficient shave of one day growth. I also felt very safe with it’s flexiblity, so much I could shave quickly. The branding of 7 oclock is pants, I have avoided this blade souly because of how rubbish the box is. Advertising is everything there is such little brand depth to these blades it looks like they are a tiny pack of cornflakes. Turns out the shave is top draw.

Which DE safety razor blades should I buy. By Edward.

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