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I used to use cartridge razors like bics. Due to the fact my mother and sister used them to shave there backs. I’m not actually sure about that fact. I’m sure they used them though. I would shave once a week to get my teen peach fuzz off my chin. As i became thicker bearded i used Mach 3 blades.

I heard a story about Mach 3. Where some old fellow i met said he got 6 months use out of a single cartridge. Then after that he started sharpening them. Thats right you can sharpen cartridge blades. You just rub them in the obvious direction up a belt or stone.

I on moving into a new house bought myself a 3 pack of razors with Mach 3. I got ready for a long duration of shaving with one of the blades. Also by this geezers story i should be well into 2021 until i needed to buy more.

I was suprised that one blade only lasted two weeks. Leading me to believe the manufacturing had gone down hill. The thing with buying the same product is it’s called the same thing. So you can’t really differentiate quality.


I however was dissapointed to find myself clawing at my face at 8 am. I haven’t sharpened one yet but plan to do so. Much to the dissmay of the Gillette corporation as since the first world war. They have had repeat custom from people who believed that when it was blunt. You were to throw the blade away.

Obviously most prison inmates will tell you otherwise as they don’t waste. You can of course sharpen cartridge razors and in theory keep the same one for ever. Would that be grubby though and unrealistic? That’s for you to find out Godspeed.



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Shaving Drunk

Shaving drunk is a mistake. Shaving the drunk is also a terrible Idea. I particularly fancied a hairdresser in liverpool street. She said occasionally a drunk city worker would frequent the chair. One in particular stood out to her. This chap fell asleep in the chair after he made a pass at her. He also tried to fight a member of staff. Geniously they did no cutting of hair. However they woke him up telling him they had given him an excellent cut. He then payed and left. The problem with dealing with the public is these sorts.

Everyone has nailed themselves with a bad shaving experience. My worst was in china when I was seriously drunk in a bath house. I had a few weeks growth and wanted to shave it off. Worst mistake as disposable chinese razors are, or certainly these were. Of an extremely poor quality. Ten razors down, my face pummled blood into the sink. It’s amazing a razor could cut skin so well and hair not. I was eventually aided by an onlooker. Who pitied my drunken depraved state. By lending me a well known branded cartridge razor.

Danger aggressive safety razor

Shaving with a safety razor can be hazardous drunk or not. I jumped into a bath once with a mirror as I wanted to try shaving this way. It was quite a common thing to do in the first part of the 20th century. Also it seemed a relaxing thing when I had a little time. The first stroke I bounced the razor off my throat. Thus severing the left flank of my neck. Bad times my friends. Realizing I needed some medical attention. I rammed as much styptic pencil as I could into it. Very little blood came out of my neck thanks to the styptic. However what did was black.  knowing this could end in my death, I took the rest of the day off. I was using the R41 a savage beast. I would only recommend this to a hard skinned thick bearded tough guy.

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R89 Safety razor review

Which DE safety razor blades should I buy.

R89 Safety razor

This is the best seller of Muhle the German shaving company by a long way. Which is an interesting thing to hear but not suprising. As it is the glittering jewell of Bavaria. People buy it for looks and possibly read a review and hopefully this review. I mean it does certainly look good due to it’s rolled patina. Making the chrome of the handle sparkle so. Up close and personal I notice amazing features of the safety razor being a slight curve on the lower head plate. Compacting the razor to make it fit better and provide more control. Also there is a nice weight to it due to the lined brass in the handle. The razor is made by the interesting company in East Germany, who have mitigated difficult times during soviet rule. Now a very design focused company that are a lifestyle brand.

The test

I lathered up with Simpson’s shaving cream and applied a millimeter thick lather to my face. Also my neck making sure I got all the rogue hairs on my abnormally hairy neck. I fitted the razor with the provided Muhle blade, which are firm and noted for being sharp. I started with ease and there was no snagging from this supremely built razor. Also I employed some fancy skilled shaving moves on my face as I felt safe. I then got to my Mustache which I had difficulty getting purchase on, as I expected it to be a closer shave. It however of course did come off. I was baffled though as I would compare this middle aggressive razor and the Muhle standard. To a non aggressive razor like feather which makes me place this on certainly the lighter side of the category.

Shaving my neck I felt comfortable and looked forward to a second pass. I did this with ease after lathering a second time and a third under my chin. I washed my face of the foam and jumped in the shower. On leaving the shower and I realized I had missed neck hair despite a second pass. I put this down to not being used to the safety razor and realizing it is such a peaceful tool. In the future I would need to be more vigilante with the strokes. However I am looking forward to using this incredible razor again.

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Safety razor and the not bothered.

Safety razor

Safety razor

Some people are keen for the best shave possible. Which i can understand, however I have things to do. When I originally started safety razor shaving I was keen for the smoothest chin in the world. Pretty much everyone who has experienced a professional wet shave from a barber. Rubs their chin after as to check how the abrasion stands up to their personal shaving method.  I would then rub my face throughout the day and the begining of the next day saying how uniformed even the growth back was. Until i needed to shave again. I stopped doing this with a safety razor ages ago as my goal every morning is to remove the stubble from my face. Not to compare it with that of an Essex girl as my hair will only grow back. Perhaps waxing monthly would suit some men, this would only work if they had the lightest of facial hair. Facial hair that could only be compared to that of an Essex girl. Otherwise the waxing would scar the face and still hair would grow back. My brother in law asked me for advice on behalf of a friend who shaves sometimes several times a day. Always he would shave at lunchtime as his hair has such a rapid growth. Understandably he found this a real chore everyday and considered waxing from a professional. Who then informed him due to the mass of stubble he has would have scars on his face. Also that his hair would grow back on his face making the painful task pointless. I suggested the fierce Muhle R41 as a tool for him to really slay a few layers of skin of his face. I also suggested that he should shave with two passes every day for reasons of exfoliation.

Second pass

When I have spare time, which is not often I test out different methods of safety razor shaving. To get that closest shave possible for my customers benefits as much as mine. I shave everyday with one pass but sometimes I may apply a J turn or hook. This is a great move for the bottom of the cheek where my stubble gets thickest. The method being pull the razor straight down the face and then twist it ending with a 90 degree angle. This seems to be a deeper shave and takes a few layers off anything in it’s path. You can also employ this with great care on your neck. Also reading the map of your stubble is a great idea as my neck hair goes the opposite way as my neck. Another brilliant although different condition for the shave is when you have a few days growth. Is the blade buff this is pretty close to the exact technique used by barbers. This is when you dont take the blade of your face but you drag the blade back and forth on the hair. It is amazing how little you become cut from this method and is a great way to relieve a weeks camping beard.



Safety razor


In the beginning there was nothing. Then we came along at the same time as other mammals. We were a pretty hairy bunch and some people still are, myself being one of them. In the olden days according to pictures drawn or carved. people had beards bar most women, prior to the invention of the safety razor. This is natures way of staying warm, also perhaps making some protection from teeth and claws. Since the opposable thumb, hair has not aided the fighting process really though. For it can be grabbed and yanked by an assailant or be caught in a 18th century wool mill. Most men shave there faces, some men shave there bodies too and I am one of those men.

Women prefer hairless muscular bodies judged by my research. However for years women stated once i revealed my chest carpet, that they liked my dog like complexion. I take there reaction down to two things. Firstly politeness they don’t want to be rude about my physical state. Secondly I think that they were acceptant of my physical state. Imagine if it were the other way round and you realized that the girl you had been flirting with and beating off rivals for. Had inch thick hair all over her breast, it happens. Also some men say when noted as being primates something like. ” Well i am a mans man, with lots of testosterome.” Women don’t see hair as particularly manly, on conversing with some women they say less hair is best.

Beards may be different, but as lot of girls that are keen for their guy to have the look. They might not want to have a kiss and cuddle with it. Also hair is porous that’s right it soaks up oil and dirt and all sorts of other stuff. If you have a body odor issue you should definitely consider shaving of your body hair. Also remember that hair gets greasy. It is my recommendation if you are a hairy guy and for certain reasons don’t want to shave there chest arms or legs. Use shampoo on your hair, women are repulsed by your greasy chest hair but nobody told you.

I shave my legs and arms after looking at a photo of these blocks of darkness that contrasted my very being. Also hitting my 30s has made me maximise my pulling potential. I do squats and I wear shorts so I shave my legs. Not wet shave no but use clippers. There I said it I embrace the fact that I have the balls to look good on the beach.

Hair by Edward’s shaving.