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Safety razor


Shaven heads and clean shaven faces have been common in some key religions. Tonsure is the term for religious head shaving. Also a Tonsorialist is someone who professionaly shaves the public. Which makes us those I suppose. Just by selling you a safety razor. There is very little info on why Christian monks had only the tops of their head shaved. My suggestion is completely ungrounded but I will still explain. I think a key cleric started to go bald and felt self conscious. He then made it compulsary across Europe or you probably went too hell.

Another possible reason which is more probable is that the ring resembles a crown of thorns. I doubt that the maiden who’s chastity was not at peril. Who shaved the Monk used a D.E razor. Infact we know now that the razor goes back as far as the ancient Greeks. The ancient razors found are usually made of copper or a very soft metal reflecting the age. Im certain it was relatively easy to sharpen a copper razor. But hard to keep it sharp. They would have also been scraper shaped as pictured.

Safety razor

The development of the safety razor came in victorian times. When things became more uniformed. Everything was measured and before this point everything was bespoke made. The Kampf brother saw a hole in the market which was filled by their razor which had a fixed blade. Soon after Gillette flew in and got a contract with Allied armies for both world wars. Interestingly it was millitary uniform to have a mustache. But the first world war was called the chemical war for a reason. Sadly the use of poisonous gasses pummeled the ranks of both sides. To mitigate this the first gas masks were used. To make a tighter fit clean shaving became the norm.

Civilians were issued also with gas masks. They remained unused however as there were no inland gas attacks. So interestingly war shaped male facial hair fasion. Which obviously went out of the window during the 60s with beards and also in recent years. I hated having a beard. Also I find people who have come in late in the game a bit pretensious. I did like the experiment to see if I could grow one. But when it got hench it became like wearing a balaclava of hot fiber glass. There are beard clubs now that see it as a status of masculinity.

I however display mine when I shout at people in traffic. Or when a drunk man pushes past me in a kebab shop. Grow a pair of balls not a beard as a substitute.Shaving with a safety razor everyday sets me off with a clean start. People have more respect for you if you are well groomed. I enjoy the process of shaving well with great kit. I hope you have enjoyed the article and would like to hear from anyone interested.

Razor burn





Razor burn

Advanced shaving techniques

Using a safety razor

Razor burn is an annoying part of shaving. A cause is certainly a lack of lubrication. Shaving foam on a cold throat doesn’t help at all. Disposable razors dragged across my adams apple often cained my throat and left it red. This is basically from taking the skin off a couple of layers. I don’t suffer from razor bumps but a lot of guys do. This is from ingrown folacles that become infected. For some reason these are in the same group as razor burn. However I think that these bumps can get razor burn and are more likely to. Due to the fact they stick out from the face. A safety razor can help prevent this as they exfoliate by cutting that bit deeper.

Bacteria and shaving

I would say this is a different type of rash all together. This is like an impetigo infection. However certainly bacteria can make these already skinned necks more aggressive and get infected. If you suffer from shaving rash and infections. You need to wash your neck before shaving. That I am sure will solve a lot of your issue.

Razor types

I have a manky fusion razor in my bathroom. However I don’t use at as I fear it might have anthrax spores on it. The thing with cartridge razors and disposable is the fact that they have gaps between the blades. This leads to gunk and grime being in between them. Therefore if you use them on a dry cold neck. You risk having infected burns. A single blade razor like a safety razor is perfect and sterile. The single blade is thrown away in a week and doesn’t have time to pick up bacteria.

A great aid if you have razor burn is aloe vera. You need to cool your neck down as it is burnt remember. Even plenty of cold water will help you out. I use a good balm anyway as this helps and they often contain cooling agents.


Shaving brushes and soaps

Let’s go back to the beginning lubrication stops burns. The process of traditional shaving is a warm wet one. Using a proper lather made well will lubricate your neck and providing the safety razor is sharp it wont burn. Also another great thing to use is of course shaving oil. This adds a barrier between your neck and the razor. It’s simple stuff guys get in touch for any products.

Shaving blog



Shaving blog

Safety razor

Shaving Drunk

Shaving drunk is a mistake. Shaving the drunk is also a terrible Idea. I particularly fancied a hairdresser in liverpool street. She said occasionally a drunk city worker would frequent the chair. One in particular stood out to her. This chap fell asleep in the chair after he made a pass at her. He also tried to fight a member of staff. Geniously they did no cutting of hair. However they woke him up telling him they had given him an excellent cut. He then payed and left. The problem with dealing with the public is these sorts.

Everyone has nailed themselves with a bad shaving experience. My worst was in china when I was seriously drunk in a bath house. I had a few weeks growth and wanted to shave it off. Worst mistake as disposable chinese razors are, or certainly these were. Of an extremely poor quality. Ten razors down, my face pummled blood into the sink. It’s amazing a razor could cut skin so well and hair not. I was eventually aided by an onlooker. Who pitied my drunken depraved state. By lending me a well known branded cartridge razor.

Danger aggressive safety razor

Shaving with a safety razor can be hazardous drunk or not. I jumped into a bath once with a mirror as I wanted to try shaving this way. It was quite a common thing to do in the first part of the 20th century. Also it seemed a relaxing thing when I had a little time. The first stroke I bounced the razor off my throat. Thus severing the left flank of my neck. Bad times my friends. Realizing I needed some medical attention. I rammed as much styptic pencil as I could into it. Very little blood came out of my neck thanks to the styptic. However what did was black.  knowing this could end in my death, I took the rest of the day off. I was using the R41 a savage beast. I would only recommend this to a hard skinned thick bearded tough guy.

Non plastic shaving


Non plastic shaving

Safety razor


Safety razor shaving has become increasingly popular in recent times. This is definitely due to peoples awakening of plastic in our sea. As the seas are all linked this is a global problem. Despite 90 percent of the issue coming from several rivers that aren’t in Europe. We at Edward’s strive to do our bit. It turns out that number seven of consumerable plastic products. Which are most pollutant are shaving products. This includes the disposable Bic type razor. Also the cartridge razor which is the prevailing razor of modern times.

Traditional shaving is non plastic. However one thing to watch is packaging if you are a purist. At Edward’s we sell a range of blades that are cardboard packed. The blades are single material steel. These items are pretty much thin enough too biodegrade in landfill. Unlike it’s plastic predecessor which cells end up in the sea. Then back onto our plates in fishes stomachs.

The only real danger of safety razor blades is them cutting bin mens hands. Also storage in your house is important as you dont want toddlers opening up paper blade packets. Or a greater crime is if you just leave them lying around open. Before I throw an old blade away, I always rap it in the new blades packet. Then that will go straight into the bin.

Anti plastic shaving subscription.

We are very proud of our ethical shaving subscription. It contains our brilliant safety razor and two months of quality blades. Also tinned shaving creams and soaps. The first packages includes a Edward’s shaving brush that has fiber bristles. No animal hair in this set. Every two months we will replenish your kit as a part of the service. You can also cancel it anytime you wish. For those who don’t want to sign up can purchase a one off set that is non plastic for £55. A great price to save the planet.

Safety razor

Shaving with a safety razor feels like you are taking back your control. It is economically better as the blades are cheaper. Also you aren’t hurting the planet or paying massive cartridge razor fees. It is also a cleaner way to shave, as there is very little bacteria build up on the blade. cartridge razors get grime in between the gaps. Seemingly shaving with one can lead to razor burn. Why not invest into safety razor shaving. As the benefits seem to be endless.

We have a large range of safety razors at Edward’s. We are considered as experts in these brilliant razors also. We offer guidance with shaving technique. Which is not what a lot of other companies provide. We want to get you the right razor too. As the worst case scenario for us is selling you a razor and not fitting your individual needs. What would be worse is you using improper techniques that will not get the best out of these brilliant products.

Get in touch via email and we will answer any questions you have.

Regards the team.

Shaving with a safety razor





Shaving with a safety razor

Safety razor

Safety razor

I like to shave everyday. As to not look a total tramp. Also it creates less chance of missing hair. Also if there is any it wont be to long. I shaved this morning with 2 passes with Big Ben blades and my Fatip Gentile. I had got used to the R89 safety razor. Which needs to be held at a 30 degree angle for a good biting point for the blade. True the Fatip needs a high angle but not quite as much. There is also a bit more crudeness to the Fatip in terms of shaving. Don’t get me wrong. I love the shave it produces, but the shave is more consistant with the Muhle.


I chucked my brush and bowl into the hot sink. Also wetting my face until dripping. I dabbed the hot brush into my shaving cream until the arch of the head was covered. I then circulated it into the hot bowl with a tiny bit of water. Using an anti and clockwise motion. I generated lather which caped the brush. Then I painted it on my face, circulating it at times until my face and neck was white. I leave the safety razor in the hot water throughout this. Despite science telling me a colder blade is thinner. I do prefer a hot warm one. Saying that I would like to experiment with a cold wet razor. I have only tried before with a dry room temperature one to a hazardous effect.

However I shave down my cheeks usually with a diagonal angle. I use strokes of around an inch. But I would make them smaller if the razor was more aggressive. I relax my face which goes away from text book thought. Certain articles suggest a better shave is on tighter skin. With a non aggressive razor you can tighten the skin. However I would suggest any one using a middle aggressive razor, should do so on loose skin. It seems to act as a boyancy for not getting cut.

I employ direct singular downward strokes along my jaw line. As to not miss a hair as I have a strong celtic jaw. All faces are different however. Shaving the neck and throat. I cannot suggest enough that you should employ light pressured small strokes. Sometimes even taking off individual hairs. Also understanding the map of your grain is important. For example you could be shaving down your face. But the grain of parts of it could go up. Finishing the first pass I wet my face again and lather for the second. Now I shave against the grain and take off any hairs I have inevitably missed.  I enjoy this process and can take harder lines on the grain. To finish I hurl water onto my face in the shower and make sure I clean it well.

Some people may go for a third pass. I would imagine those people don’t have a job though or places to be. Unlike this hot stud from southern England.

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