Cartridge razors

I used to use cartridge razors like bics. Due to the fact my mother and sister used them to shave there backs. I’m not actually sure about that fact. I’m sure they used them though. I would shave once a week to get my teen peach fuzz off my chin. As i became thicker bearded i used Mach 3 blades.

I heard a story about Mach 3. Where some old fellow i met said he got 6 months use out of a single cartridge. Then after that he started sharpening them. Thats right you can sharpen cartridge blades. You just rub them in the obvious direction up a belt or stone.

I on moving into a new house bought myself a 3 pack of razors with Mach 3. I got ready for a long duration of shaving with one of the blades. Also by this geezers story i should be well into 2021 until i needed to buy more.

I was suprised that one blade only lasted two weeks. Leading me to believe the manufacturing had gone down hill. The thing with buying the same product is it’s called the same thing. So you can’t really differentiate quality.


I however was dissapointed to find myself clawing at my face at 8 am. I haven’t sharpened one yet but plan to do so. Much to the dissmay of the Gillette corporation as since the first world war. They have had repeat custom from people who believed that when it was blunt. You were to throw the blade away.

Obviously most prison inmates will tell you otherwise as they don’t waste. You can of course sharpen cartridge razors and in theory keep the same one for ever. Would that be grubby though and unrealistic? That’s for you to find out Godspeed.