James bonds razor

Where can I buy James bonds razor? Well at Edward’s of course. In 2012, we noticed a steep rise In straight razor sales. By 2013 It had risen as much as 300 percent. With some research, we found that It was down to 007 using a Dovo straight razor In skyfall. Although It Is not surprising that this childhood Icon of mine could have created such a change In sales. Last year the James Bond lifestyle company got Into touch, and wanted to buy and feature the razor. However the handle Is horn, this makes a variance In the colour. As pictured, Bonds razor Is dark, and Sadly It Is the luck of the draw.

Also I was contacted, by a true Bond collector and blogger called Jonathan. Who explained with his expert knowledge of all things Bond. That the prop designers used an alloy, fake blade on the set for safety perhaps. Also the handle was colored thus making It darker.  Jonathan, like Q, Is performing tests on the horn handle to see It’s effect, and we look forward to seeing the results. His blog Is a treasure trove of Interesting knowledge of everyone’s macho archetype, James Bond. There Is a feeling that you are signing up to her Majesties secret service when you are In the blog. Why not take a look yourself?  Link here. https://www.ajb007.co.uk/post/910560/#p910560