Alum as a post traditional shaving product.

By Edward

I am a keen advocate for pre shave oil, It makes sense to me that you should protect your face. From essentially scraping sharp metal across your It. Pre shave oil, Is an effective barrier and lubricant to help stop shaving rash and cuts. But what about the post shave? I hear you ask. Aftershave Is a stringent which closes the pours, and seals cuts. It Is not Just to smell nice, the active Ingredient Is alcohol which creates this process. As In the olden days, you could die from septicemia from a shaving cut. Making aftershaves antibacterial properties Invaluable. Alum Is also a post traditional shaving product, It is an antiseptic and a coagulant stopping any cuts, also It seems to massively sooth any shaving rash also. The massive crystal block Is like a varnish protecting and sealing your face.

Alum as a post shaving product

Alum as a shaving product, Is strange stuff. It is mined as Alum potassium and the natural product has been used for over 4000 years as an antiseptic, by the Greeks and the Egyptians. It is quite bizarre rubbing your face with what seems a magic crystal and It does make you feel magic to.

There are other coagulants on the market like styptic pencils, but the Alum block Is a lot kinder. Where as the styptic pencil Is just for directly sticking on the cut. There Is a momentary pain, that some are a little squeamish about. Making alum certainly the more comprehensive product.

Edwards traditional shaving emporium, sell a Osma Alum block In 75g bars. Osma are a Victorian shaving company who sell a great range of natural traditional shaving products. Edwards has sold they’re range since the beginning.

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