A shaving shop called Edward’s.

It’s hot, like really hot. There is no better reason to close shave every morning, than the heat wave we are experiencing. An Englishman has trouble with extreme climates. Due to our fair Isle being such a tempid maritime environment. Eastern european shaving enthusiasts, I know often remark at how cold it is in the UK though. Although colder in Poland it is a dryer cold. We have a wet cold that clings making it feel colder. But this heatwave is kicking arse it seems. The latecomer beard wearers are struggling as they scratch there mosquito bitten mesh.

Wondering if this biblical trend is worth it. I would say not. I once had a beard, it was offed on a hot day. I couldn’t take it any more, i took a safety razor to it and also a straight razor. Splashing myself with a refreshing tonic after.

Shaving shop

Shaving is what separates us from the beasts. We are but mammals, warm blooded and fur covered vertebrates. Fur was necessary during the ice age, and our potential to grow beards is a result of this. However In the following interglacial period the cavemen infuriated by this new heat. Also not being aided by they’re partners having nothing to do due to love island being Invented 2.6 million years later. This primordial whizz kid fasioned the first razor out of a flint and hacked at his beard. The shave was poor and afterward he clubbed his wife to death. Nonetheless this was the dawn of new era an era of logic and safety razors.

So do yourself a favour and shave. Not only shave but with our high end shaving products. Our shaving creams and soaps will leave you feeling like Dapper dan and his merry pimps.