Stainless steel straight razor Edwards traditional shaving emporium

By Edward’s.

As a keen traditional shaver.  I was excited by the prospect of maintaining and using a straight razor or cutthroat. The first straight razor I used, was a non branded Sheffield straight razor. My first task was to restore It with sandpaper, which left only a few blemishes on the blade. I honed it a little on a one thousand five hundred block, then stropped on canvas then leather alternating. When a blade is ready to shave with it should freely slice through a hanging hair. A shaky hand gave me a fair first shave. I was concerned as the piece of equipment was called a cutthroat. But after a time of using and practicing with it I realized just how safe they actually were. Due to there being such a large surface area of blade, it is hard to cut yourself. As opposed to the DE or double edged traditional shaving razors, that are short thus making the corners a hazard on aggressive headed razors, Like ones that have an open comb.For me a part of the fun and intrigue of using a straight razor was the fear factor and they’re connotations with early twentieth century crime.

But on using these misunderstood implements, I realized just how safe they were for traditional shaving. For any Interested readers I would suggest buying a stainless steel razor as opposed to the carbon, due to the fact they are easier to sharpen than the carbon steel counterparts, so Ideal for a beginer stroper and honer.  I had a some difficulty with carbon blades early on. Although they do not need to be maintained as much due to them holding there edge they need to have more heavy block work like a lot of 1000 grit.

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