MÜHLE – TRADITIONAL, Rosegold Silvertip Badger shaving brush





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MÜHLE – TRADITIONAL, Rosegold Silvertip Badger shaving brush.

This rose gold plated brush is the counter part to the rose gold Muhle razor. Both Items are fashionable due to the Jewelry like Image. The stainless steel shaft has a wonderful patina, that is latticed by the process of rolling. The Innards are brass, making it weigh a big 112 g, and standing a proud 100 mm.

The brushes plume Is silver tip badger hair, It’s 21 mm ring makes It an Impressive stout girth. The high quality plated chrome Is embellished with the Muhle Insignia. This Is an excellent traditional shaving brush.

A high quality shaving brush should last the shaver 10 to 15 years, with the correct maintenance of rinsing after use, shaking and leaving to dry.