Muhle rose gold De Traditional shaving Safety Razor R89RG


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Muhle rose gold De Traditional shaving Safety Razor R89RG, Is rather fashionable at present, for It’s Jewell Like a finish.The R89RG Is the rose gold version of the Muhle R89, which Is one of the most sort after traditional shaving razors on the market. The design Is a perfect blend of ornate craftsmanship and practical shaving engineering.

The solid weight of 66g, Is attributed to by the brass lined core, the 94mm of length feel perfectly weighted. The R89RG has a closed comb head and Is classed as a mid aggressive razor. This means It is a safe but close shave that will conquer even the most stubborn of hairs.

Taking Double edged safety blades, which are easily replaced by the screw cap on the razors head, cleaning couldn’t be easier.Some people wonder where to buy DE blades? We sell 8 different varieties, but most chemists stock at least 2 brands that they will be loyal too. Remember, traditional shaving has been around for years.

Look after your safety razor and It will look after you, this razor treated well will last a lifetime.

At Edwards traditional shaving emporium as you could probably guess we are mad about traditional shaving. Our blog contains awesome advice on shaving technique and product reviews. If you are Interested In shaving, It’s worth a butchers hook.