Traditional shaving Straight Razor by Muhle




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Traditional shaving Straight Razor by Muhle by Edward.

Straight razor shaving, Is an exclusive Joy and only desired by the best of men. Some fear It, but we laugh at those men.

Muhle have few straight razors but as It is Muhle you can be assured of It’s quality. The blade Is 6/8 ” and hollow ground, the nose Is rounded, which makes for a safer shave.

The handle Is an African hardwood called Carre, which Is highly sought after. We love It’s arching tapered shape.

Now the straight razor Is only really dangerous In the hands of a criminal, and as a piece of traditional shaving equipment, It Is quite safe Indeed. We believe this is due to the large surface area of blade, which makes It safe against loose skin.

Edward’s Isn’t about miss selling you products. This razor will come almost shave ready, you will need to strop it a bit to get it to pass the hanging hair test. We sell a suitable strop on the site, that Is half canvas and half leather. A stainless steel straight razor will need to be stropped before every use.

We would recommend the 8 and 8 method, which is 8 strokes on canvas and 8 on leather and repeat say 5 times.

Edwards traditional shaving emporium has a great deal of straight razor Info on our blog why not have a look.

Otherwise please contact us with any questions.

Traditional shaving Straight Razor by Muhle Is a great product and we are official retailers.