Muhle R89 Traditional Safety razor chrome Grande


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Muhle R89 Traditional Safety razor chrome

The grande is a beast. It is 10 mm on the normal R89, and is 91 g as opposed to it’s little brothers 64 g. Weight Is good, weight Is reliable. If you have no blade in the razor, you can still hit an Intruder with it.

This Is perhaps for the bigger handed man,a man that means business. A man whom eats his greens.

Being a larger version of the legendary R89. You can really notice the expert chrome smithery up the handle, and the delicate engraving on the base. It really Is a great razor to look at.

Practically It is a good all rounder.  The closed head, which Is set at a middle aggressive angle. Is a safe shave, using a good technique. But it will still plough through any rogue hairs in it’s path.


Muhle are 70 year old Traditional shaving company from Germany.  Edwards are lucky enough to have become an official retailer of them.  Therefore we have some of there great range on the site.

Essentially, the Muhle R89 Traditional Safety razor chrome Grande should last a lifetime. It will not break and is stain resistant. It is easily cleaned just by rinsing whilst disassembled. It’s screw cap makes it very simple to change blades.

Taking double edged blades you can find a range of which In the accessories category on the site. Muhle stainless steel blades are also available.

DE blades are readily available globally and most high street chemists will stock a couple of brands in which they are loyal too.

If you have any questions about traditional shaving please contact us directly for some light chit chat or why not check our blog out. It is a wealth of Information about Safety razor shaving techniques, and other such shaving matters.

Kind regards Edward