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This is a safety razor has a fascinating historical twist. The material used on the handle Is In fact 300 year old bog oak. Voted the number 1 safety razor by, The Independent Online. As we are Official retailers of Muhle products, we were very keen to start selling the MÜHLE KOSMO RAZOR HANDLE BOG OAK. The Kosmo has a closed comb head, that Is set at a middle aggressive level. The Illustrious metal sported on the Kosmo, Is high quality plated chrome. It’s ergonomic design is the height of shave engineering.

Shaving with the Kosmo Is an excellent middle ground. Safe enough to use, and still a close enough shave too eliminate any rogue hairs. The Kosmo Is easily dismantled Into several pieces, making loading new blades very simple Indeed. Cleaning also couldn’t be easier, rinsing In cold water will suffice.

Muhle have made excellent shaving equipment for 70 years, and the high end engineering that goes Into the Kosmo, is testiment to that. It also comes with a free Muhle stainless blade.

Edwards traditional shaving emporium, are an abundant resource of shaving Information. If you have any questions regarding this finest of art’s please do not hesitate to contact us. Also we have a wealth of advice on our blog, In regards to shaving technique and the practice of our most excellent equipment.

We have a great range of double edged blades for you to choose from. You will also find DE blades In any pharmacy worldwide, who will be loyal to a certain brand. As If by magic all double edged blades are the same size and all will fit the MÜHLE KOSMO SAFETY RAZOR, HANDLE BOG OAK.