Duellist Faux badger shaving brush


This Synthetic brush is coarse enough to exfoliate the skin and compact enough to create a warm hot lather.

Standing at 105mm

And a base width of 35mm

Its a solid piece in weight, being of a high quality chrome.

And of course embossed with the Duellist flintlock,


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The Duellist Faux badger shaving brush Is a glamourous piece.

High quality chrome gives this shaving brush a wonderful finish.

Of course embossed with the duellist flintlock it is truly a precious keep sake.

This more ethically friendly brush is exorbitant enough to create a warm lather, but also gives a great exfoliant.

The Duellist Faux badger shaving brush has proven popular as a travelling brush.

Due to the fact that the synthetic hair will dry quicker than it’s mammal fur counterpart.

Used still in the same method Ie shaving cream and Shaving soap, immerse in hot water and your beard the whip the hard soap or take a piece of cream and circulate in a shaving mug.

Duellist Faux badger shaving brush