Advanced traditional shaving techniques

By Edward

Now shaving is a necessity for most men, and some ugly women. ┬áBut It can have it’s downfalls Ie time, cuts, death, and razor burn. The following blog is a comprehensive list of advance shaving techniques, but for some I recommend the mastery of basics. First prep yourself, I like shaving oil, we sell Osma traditional shaving oil, It will protect the neck from razor burn and help soften the beard.

Next Safety razors can cut the neck, some say stretch. I say don’t, I learnt and excellent shaving position named the bullfrog. Push your head back at the neck, thus appearing like a bullfrog. It seems to bounce of any possible cuts.

Blade buffing

This works with any razor, I sometimes use a mach 3 or a Fatip safety razor. Barbers use is the razor doesn’t leave the skin and you go back and forward an inch and buff the hair off.

J Turn

This can be lethal but also makes for a great close shave, you need some surface area like a cheek. You pull the razor down an Inch then twist your Wrist 90 degrees, Resembling the letter J.

The Gillette Slide

This is gold dust a long stroke down and at an angle it really cuts the grain careful not to slice though.


For any advice more advice on shaving please contact Edward.